Digital Printing Solutions

Digital — Fast, Cost Effective On Demand Solutions

Digital Printing is another key core competency at JBQ. Our digital printing technology represents some of the most sophisticated post script technology in the world. Clients send us a variety of files to support such needs as short run and on-demand printed materials. Digital printing is not just black & white and color copying, although we can provide such services as inexpensively as anyone else. Digital printing represents a far more sophisticated opportunity and addresses such possibilities as fast on-demand literature fulfillment - reducing the need and cost to warehouse materials that may become obsolete - and other marketing communication requirements.

Short-Run Economies

Many of our customers are discovering the economies realized by choosing our digital printing solutions. Our offset printing solution offers unsurpassed economies when greater than 2,000 printed pieces are required but when lower volumes are required all offset printing tends to become less cost effective. Our digital solutions, on the other hand, are less expensive to our customers when short runs are required because the start-up time required to begin short-run digital printing is much lower. And because we digitally print on the same types of papers we use for our offset printing solutions the quality and feel of our digital print solutions are difficult to tell apart from offset printed materials.

JBQ's digital printing solutions, regardless of the volumes required, are ideal for variable data printing and for personalized printing such as children's books customized with the child's specific name. And for print on-demand (POD) fulfillment solutions where books, catalogs and other collateral materials are only printed and distributed when an immediate requirement exists, our digital print solutions can't be beat.

At JBQ our digital printing technology allows us to quickly deliver customized, short-fun, on-demand printed materials that aid our customers to deliver their messages timely and cost effectively. Companies are identifying our digital printing with value and opportunity; a way for our clients to deliver customized messages having higher response rates at very reasonable prices.

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