Fullfillment Solutions

On-Demand Fulfillment

On-Demand Fulfillment (ODF) is a transaction based delivery solution offered by the JBQ team that delivers specific quantities of printed materials only when needed. ODF is the process of ordering printed materials to fulfill our clients immediate needs and requirements so that there is no remaining inventory to manage, warehouse, re-distribute and dispose of if printed materials become obsolete.

JBQ executes On-Demand Fulfillment utilizing several different methods. First, our digital press technology permits us to immediately print small volumes of sales and product collateral, such as 1-page sell sheets or up to 36-page product booklets and manuals, and then mail the collateral directly to the representative or client in immediate need of the materials. This option is an excellent way for our clients to deliver materials to multiple locations or representatives without having to print hundreds and thousands of pieces and hold in inventory until needed by its representative or customers in hopes all the materials printed and paid for will be used before becoming obsolete.

Pre-printed Customization

Our second option for ODF is imprinting content on pre-printed shells. JBQ's offset and digital press technology permits us to print business card shells, multi-page catalogs and other printed collateral materials with the intent to customize the materials at a later date. For example, a client might have 20 representatives in need of business cards. The basic business card is the same for all representatives so the basic card is printed as a shell. When a representative is in need of business cards the shell is imprinted with the representatives contact information and delivered directly to the representative, thus eliminating business card waste and optimizing the use of our clients marketing budget.

Another example is customized printed materials used by franchise companies. A Franchise may have hundreds of franchisees, each requiring customized printed materials, such as menus or pamphlets printed with their franchise address. Franchisers require advertising materials that are printed to a uniform specification and that specification used by all franchisees. To fulfill the uniform specification requirement and yet customize the printed material to a specific franchise, shells without customized information are printed. When the franchisee owner needs to order these materials JBQ prints the customized franchise information on each piece and mails the customized materials directly to the franchisee.

JBQ provides a large variety of On-Demand Fulfillment services custom tailored to our clients' specific needs. JBQ can meet your requirements and at the same time reduce printed material obsolescence and optimize the use of our client's marketing budget.

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