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The wonderful thing about direct mail is it won't end up in your spam folder.

Direct mail encompasses a wide variety of marketing materials, including all types of industries from non-profit to political campaigns to retail and business to business marketing. Major corporations already know direct-mail advertising is one of the most effective and profitable ways to reach out to new and existing clients and help drive clients toward an intended result. Direct mail lets you communicate one-on-one with your target market audience. It allows you to control who receives your messages, when it is delivered, what the mail piece includes, and how many people you intent to reach.

We offer a complete mailing solution that meets the traditional postal requirements of mailing lists for presorted automation, CASS and NCOA certifications, to reduce postage costs, and includes envelope insertion, stuffer insertion, sealing and addressing. We also provide match mailing services where we match personalized or customized printed materials with separately personalized and addressed envelopes

Direct mail complimented with our Variable Data Printing (VDP) technology and capabilities provides some unique advantages for our clients. At JBQ we assume concept to delivery responsibility in which our marketing staff develops the concept (if one does not already exist), our designers create the piece, the piece is printed using our digital or offset press capabilities, the mailing list is processed to USPS specifications for presort automation, envelopes are stuffed and sealed if necessary, the piece is addressed and the mail is delivered to the U.S. Postal Service. And if our clients do not have a complete mailing list or no list at all, we can provide a target mailing list at very reasonable prices.

With Variable Data Printing, or 1:1 printing as it is sometimes called, we can personalize and customize the mailing that is being printed. The difference between personalized and customized mail is significant. Whereas all mail pieces are personalized and include such items as a recipient name, company name, address and other such personal information such as a policy number, not all mail pieces are customized. Customized mail pieces are specific to the intended recipient.

Why Consider Variable Data Printing?

  • Higher response rates; more return for your marketing dollar.
  • Tailor messaging to recipients based upon their interests, needs or previous history.
  • Execute in multiple languages from the same graphic design file.

Variable data printing is proven to increase response rates and improve relationship value and benefits. VDP can be executed as printed mail campaigns only or synchronized with other media channels, such as email or text messages, to reinforce messages to clients and help drive the clients to an intended action.

Our team of experts can help you map out a mail campaign to intended targeted markets that will ultimately convert prospects into customers and customers into reoccurring customers. Direct Mail combined with Variable Data Printing is a great way to execute up sell opportunities, increasing your return on marketing expenditures while reducing your cost of sales.

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