Marketing Solutions

The Marketing Mix

The core essential for any business to survive and grow is marketing. Marketing is an integrated process through which businesses create value for both existing and potential customers. Marketing is used to identify the customer, to keep the customer, and to satisfy the customer. If you don't market your business you cannot sustain business and drive business growth.

Unlike many other printing companies that focus only on delivering printed materials, we understand that today a business must utilize a variety of marketing media in order to be successful and drive growth. We also know that the smallest company must implement some of the more traditional marketing mediums, like direct mail, alongside other new mediums.

JBQ has over 30 years of cross media and marketing experience that help our clients develop and execute targeted marketing campaigns synchronized across multiple communication channels. These included business identity, product and service literature, direct and variable data mail, personalized email, personalized URLs (PURLS), powerful web site pages and text messaging. We help our clients grow their business by driving existing and potential customers to their website by designing persuasive marketing materials and programs, and then turning the web site visitors into paying customers with website designs that present a powerful image. Cross media campaigns are all about maximizing your offerings, making your offerings more actionable and generating higher response rates that drive sales and growth.

Beyond Your Average Printing Company

JBQ is not just a printing company, we are a printing company that provides marketing solutions; we want to do more. We beleive that the more successful we can help you become, the more successful JBQ will become. We partner with our clients to help them present their businesses' image effectively, reach more existing and potential customers, drive their own revenue growth and achieve their desired outcomes.

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